People often get frustrated with having to wait for things on the internet. Cloudfare is trying to help with this problem. Many people feel that bandwith is the most important thing to reduce the waiting time on the internet, but it is really just one part. In addition to the bandwith, you need the software to be fast, and you need the content and applications to be close to the end user. And each of these things can be complicated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nobody likes waiting for something to load from the internet, but it's hard to get rid of that lag.
  • Slowness is built into the internet itself, starting from the first step of looking up the webpage's address.
  • Cloudflare is a tool that is trying to minimize internet wait times in several ways.

“The reality is you need three things: ample bandwidth, to have content and applications close to the end user, and to make the software as fast as possible.”

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