WordPress Hacked?
We Can Help Restore Your WordPress Site.

Having a properly functioning website is imperative to running a successful business. If you have your WordPress hacked, it can lead to serious problems for your customers, business, and reputation. Luckily for you, the team of cybersecurity experts at Website HQ can help restore your site back to its normal working condition and prevent future hacks from taking place.

HELP, I’m hacked!

How Do I Know if My WordPress has Been Hacked?

Most of the time it is pretty easy to realize that your WordPress site is the victim of a hack. There typically is some sort of glaring issue with the site's performance. Things like page glitching, plugins not working, form fills not functioning properly, and customer data breaches are all signs that a hack has occurred.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that a hack has occurred is that your website is running slower and slower, or you have links redirecting users off your site to other malicious sites.

Our team can remotely migrate your site to our server and conduct a thorough analysis of the issue. From there, we can work quickly to rid the hacked site of any programs, and install stronger security protocols on your website.  

There can be other signs that are a bit more subtle. For example, missing or wrong images.

If you have any of these issues, please contact the experts at Website HQ for assistance!

Why work with WebsiteHQ?

Fatal WordPress Errors

Fatal errors can occur when certain WordPress plugins do not get along well with others. There can be incompatible version updates, faulty plugins, or incompatible software working against each other. Our team can help you sort out your plugins to ensure they are all working harmoniously.

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Malware and Hack Scans

We conduct scans every 6 hours to stay on top of any new security threats. Hackers are relentless, which is why you need an equally relentless security package. Website HQ's maintenance plan tracks all potential threats and eliminates them quickly so you can focus on running your business.

How Our WordPress Hack Repair Service Works.

Step One: Contact Us

The first step is to reach out to Website HQ. We can discuss your site issue and run a security scan to assess problems to determine how best we can help. This initial call will kickstart the process.

Step Two: We Migrate Your Site to Our Secure Server

We can migrate your site to our server at no cost to you. This allows us to begin our full clean-up process on your website.

Step Three: Clean Up Hack and Fix any Fatal Errors

We get to work cleaning your WordPress site of any malicious programs or Malware. Our goal is to get your site back to normal and remove any hacks from the backend that are affecting site performance.

Step Four: Update Theme and All Plugins

Once the hack is removed, we will update your theme and all plugins to their most current version. This may require you to purchase updates for your premium themes and plugins

Step Five: Install a Firewall

Hacked sites are notorious for becoming reinfected. As part of our secure hosting and maintenance, we install a firewall and lock your site down. It’s an extra security measure to protect your website.

Step Six: Back-Up Site

Backing up your site will add another layer of protection in case of any future cyberattacks. Should you lose access to your site, a backup will keep all of your data secure

Step Seven: Restore Access

Our team will restore your access to the site once we have confirmed all traces of the hack are removed. We do this to prevent your site from falling back into the same problem once it has been turned back over.

Step Eight: Business as Usual

Your site will be back up and running better than ever in no time! Our maintenance package will keep your site running in tip-top shape and will help detect any malicious programs and keep them from taking hold and wreaking havoc on your site.

Why work with WebsiteHQ?

Full Summary and Post-Crisis Communication

After we have cleaned up the hack and restored access to your site, we provide you with a full summary of the breach repairs. This report will explain how we fixed it, and preventative steps to take to keep it from happening again.

We pride ourselves on our communication with customers to keep them aligned with the status of our service. We understand that your livelihood depends on a properly functioning website, which is why we want to keep you updated with everything going on.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding this report. We are happy to break it down for you.

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Our Complete Solution

Website HQ understands the importance of a business website. If you are uncertain about how to restore your site after an attack or don't know how to build a site with security best practices in mind, we can provide a site maintenance care plan that protects your investment and business.

We offer a complete solution for your WordPress site, offering services like:

We simplify running a website and ensure your site works properly, is protected from cyberattacks, and more.

Contact Us for Help With Your WordPress Site!

Don't let a hack bring your business down. Contact the security experts at Website HQ if you have suffered a data breach, have lost access to your WordPress site, or notice anything wrong.

We can quickly diagnose the problem and set up a maintenance plan to conduct routine screenings. We look forward to helping you restore your website back to working order.

The team at Website HQ has done a tremendous job keeping our website safe and secure. They implemented improvements that turned our site profitable, and they are responsive to requests.

Barbara Bredehoeft

Owner, Biscottis

I cannot imagine a better website company to work with. Website HQ keeps our site up-to-date and running smoothly. They help keep us on track even as our Board changes, and with multiple monthly events.

Christina Elmore

President, Professional Women's Council

Optimized WordPress Hosting

If your WordPress hosting provider is not getting the job done, it may be time to move. Our optimized hosting includes premium features. 

Daily Virus Scans & Malware Monitoring

Disaster Recovery Roll-backs

Free CDN

Free SSL Certificate

Offsite File Backup & Restore


We are certain you’ll love our maintenance packages. If you’re not completely satisfied in the first 30 days, let us know and we will work with you to make it right.

Always Have a Safe and Optimized Website

You didn't get into business to maintain a website. Let us help your Florida business thrive with a website that is always secure and running efficiently.