It happened to a growing digital agency. When Sociale Consulting owner, Elizabeth, reached out to us for help we were able to stop the attack, clean her site, and have it locked-down and safe in less than 10 hours.

The Challenge

Elizabeth McNevin, the owner of Sociale Consulting, contacted Website HQ because her website was redirecting potential customers to foreign websites via her main navigation menu. 

As a growing social media ad agency, every click was creating potential lost revenue, and she needed the issue resolved as quickly as possible. 

Website HQ gladly accepted the challenge. 

The Solution 

Once we gained access to Elizabeth’s website, we quickly identified the problem and confirmed that malware had indeed been injected into her WordPress site. 

We proposed to move Elizabeth’s website from her unstable shared hosting environment onto one of our effective hosting, maintenance, and security plans. Then we backed up her entire site and began our thorough malware cleaning process. 

We also searched for any plugins that were not updated. This is a common issue with compromised sites, as outdated plugins can quickly become the weakest link of a WordPress website. 

We explained to Elizabeth that even though we removed the malware, her site had been compromised and would become a target for repeated attacks. Since bots now know they were able to compromise her site, it will be added to a list where they will continually try to break in.

Therefore, we recommended our firewall protection system to help keep her site clean and safe in the future. 

The Results 

Success! 🎉 Elizabeth’s crisis was averted, and our goal was achieved in less than ten hours! She initially reached out to Website HQ on a Tuesday night, and her site was completely clean and fully functional by early Wednesday afternoon.

Website HQ was able to quickly solve the problem and provide Elizabeth with the peace of mind that her site is clean and functioning correctly, and she is no longer losing potential customers or revenue. 

Elizabeth's website now has many more security measures, such as a firewall to protect her site and block bad traffic, 24/7 monitoring, and daily scans for malware. Additionally, all of her WordPress and plugin updates are being managed for her, and her site is backed up three times daily, ensuring there's a clean back-up should anything happen in the future.

“I am thrilled with how fast Website HQ fixed my site. Working with Jeane was easy and she explained everything throughout the process. It is such a relief to know my website maintenance and security is covered.” – Elizabeth McNevin

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