Over the past few years, Magecart cyber crimes have been on the rise. In a Magecart attack, hackers insert malicious code into an online store in order to steal payment information. Though Magecart attacks can target any type of online store, they are especially common among WordPress sites.

In a recent Magecart Skimming Campaign discovery it was found, was that the two malware domains that were part of an issue with credit card skimmer code activity were actually part of a larger operation. This all goes back to the time frame of November 2021. Magecart itself is a cybercrime organization that has several smaller operations under it, all dealing with cyberattacks. The attacks became well known in 2015, but they have greatly expanded since that time.

In order to protect yourself from Magecart attacks, it is important to keep your WordPress site up-to-date and to install security plugins.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two malware domains that host credit card skimmer code were identified as being part of a broader infrastructure.
  • The cybercrime syndicate Magecart specializes in cyberattacks involving digital credit card theft at e-commerce storefronts.
  • One report found that WordPress has become the top CMS platform for credit card skimming malware.

“The earliest evidence of the campaign's activity, based on the additional domains uncovered, suggests it dates back to at least May 2020.”

Read more: https://thehackernews.com/2022/06/newly-discovered-magecart.html

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