WordPress is one of the most popular site-building platforms in the world, and small businesses are increasingly turning to WordPress to create their websites. However, this popularity also makes WordPress sites a prime target for hackers. First, small businesses often have fewer resources to devote to website security, making them an easier target.  An SSL Certificate, or a SAN SSL Certificate if you have multiple domains, is one of the ways to protect your website. Second, a small business website is often less likely to be protected by security features like Two-Factor Authentication. Finally, a hacked small business website can be used to distribute malware or phishing scams to unsuspecting visitors. Keeping your software updated is a good practice. Regular backups prevent you from losing data and make attacks less threatening.

Key Takeaways:

  • An SSL Certificate encrypts data on a website; a SAN SSL Certificate is preferable if there are multiple domains.
  • Making regular backups and using long, complex passwords are two of the keys to security.
  • Protections against malicious attacks with firewalls and malware scanning provides additional peace of mind.

“Small businesses are constantly targeted by hackers because of their “ease of access,” or in other words, lack of security, as small businesses invest less in security systems thinking they will not be a target due to their size.”

Read more: https://teskalabs.com/blog/why-hackers-target-small-business-websites-5-tips-to-stop-them

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