WP Engine is known for being a leader in WordPress hosting technology. They have recently made changes to their executive leadership team by adding the new chief product officer, Ezinne Udezue.  She has proven his abilities in product and innovation. “I am thrilled to lead such a talented team working in some of the most influential technology today,” said Udezue. Another change is the appointment of Ramadass Prabhakar as Chief Technology Officer. He has previously been in the role of SVP of global engineering. Further, a new position was created – Chief Innovation Officer, now filled by Jason Cohen.

Key Takeaways:

  • WP Engine is changing up its executive team by adding some new members.
  • The Product and Engineering team leadership is being expanded to promote innovation.
  • WP Engine provides the most relied upon and trusted brands and developer-centric WordPress products.

“WP Engine’s tech innovation and award-winning WordPress experts help to power more than 185,000 customers across 150 countries.”

Read more: https://wpengine.com/blog/wp-engine-expands-wordpress-innovation-product-technology-leadership/


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