Social media management is a balancing act. On one side are the demands of your audience, who want content that’s worth their time and attention in seconds; on another you have distribution channels—social networks like Twitter or Facebook where people go when they need information from sources they trust most urgently at any given moment (whether it's newsworthy material related specifically to them personally). There needs to be some sort of middle ground between these two extremes: just like on your website, you need something engaging yet still informative enough for everyone–especially your target market.

If you are looking to build a successful strategy for your business, then it can’t start without first understanding what makes people tick.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a strategy is the most important element in your social media management plan.
  • Domo is a great business intelligence tool that enables you to create and track KPIs on a dashboard.
  • Run your social media content through Grammarly to check your grammar, structure, tone, and delivery.

“Nothing in social media management gets very far without a strategy. Building a strategy that works for your business is, arguably, the most important step in social media management.”

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