If you're using WordPress as the host of your website, they actually have their own software dedicated to delivering you up-to-date statistics. Understanding these statistics can help you improve your website and the user experience. This software is known as JetPack. Not only will you be able to access consumer data in real time, but you are also given the option of utilizing an exclusive and innovative tool called heat-mapping. This technique allows you to see a play-by-play of how your customers are interacting with your site once they arrive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Analytics provides users with the ability to install the metric software on various websites, providing up-to-date statistics on each one.
  • A program called Crazy Egg allows subscribers to see firsthand how consumers are navigating their site with a feature called heat-mapping.
  • For those who take advantage of WordPress for their business page, an exclusive add on called JetPack is available to all WordPress users.

“Many beginners rely on their best guesses when starting a new website or blog.”

Read more: https://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/7-best-analytics-solutions-for-wordpress-users/


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