In today's digitally-dominant world, small businesses need to have a website to promote their brand and reach new customers. Creating a website is an investment in your business. For example, a website created by a professional designer typically costs over $5,000. Although there are plenty of easy-to-use web design programs that allow small businesses to create a site for less, they may not meet the true needs of the business website.

Key Takeaways:

  • When creating a small business web page, it's important to create a budget.
  • The cost of a website involves many things, including which hosting service will be used.
  • While web-building tools can be found online and often for free, they may not be the best option for a business-centric website.
  • Look for affordable web design options without sacrificing web site quality and usefulness

“With much of the world online these days, small businesses must operate a website to meet their audiences across the internet. But how much will this essential asset cost small businesses? There are many factors you will need to consider when accounting for website costs.”

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