There are a few different ways that you will know if you are under a DDoS attack.

One of the first signs that you are under attack is that your website will either be completely shut down or it will take a really long time for your website to load. A site can go down due to a high spike in traffic but then it would typically load back up shortly after. When under a DDoS attack the site can be down for days.

Key Takeaways:

  • The DDoS attack relies on a network of automated entities to swamp a system with requests rendering it inoperable.
  • The first signs of a DDoS attack can be as obvious as the site being down or unresponsive, but also merely slower or lagging in more sophisticated attacks.
  • To guard against such attacks, it is recommended one employ competent IT professionals who can analyze the traffic, monitor the site, an provide proper security.

“Some services are specifically targeted. Interestingly though, the process is largely automated, and most sites affected are randomly selected.”

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