Although it can be challenging to recover your hacked WordPress website to its original state, it is possible. Take these steps to clean up your website and get it back up and running again.

How Did Your WordPress Get Hacked?

First, identify the source of the hacker’s access to your website. Look at your server logs or using a security plugin like Sucuri. There are many ways that hackers can gain access to a WordPress site. This includes brute force attacks, SQL injection, and malware. Once they have gained access, they wreak havoc by deleting or modifying content, adding spammy links, or stealing sensitive information.  

Secure Your WordPress Site

As a WordPress user, you may be wondering how you can prevent your site from being hacked. Unfortunately, there is no single silver bullet that guarantees that your WordPress site will never be hacked. But, after you identify the source of the hacking, you can take steps to secure your website and prevent further attacks.

You must keep your WordPress installation up to date. Each new WordPress release includes security fixes for any discovered vulnerabilities. Keeping your WordPress installation up to date makes it much more difficult for attackers to exploit any security holes. In addition, consider installing a security plugin like Sucuri. Sucuri offers a variety of features that to help secure your WordPress site, including malware scanning, intrusion detection, and firewalls. Then you’ll want to change passwords, update software, and add security measures like two-factor authentication. 

Restore Your Hacked Files

Once your WordPress is secure, you can start the process of recovery. Specifically, you'll restore hacked files and clean up any malicious code injected into your website. It can be a time-consuming process, but necessary. A WordPress security plugin like Sucuri can help automate the process and help identify any malicious files on your site. 

Bring Your Website Back Online

Finally, once your website is clean and free of malware, focus on getting back online. Including updating any data lost during the hack. At this step, it’s critical to consider additional security steps to implement. Two essential steps are implementing a firewall for your website. Once hacked, a site is prone to hacking again. Second, identify all Admin users and remove any that are unnecessary. All remaining Admin users should also reset their passwords.

Our Experts Know How To Recover A Hacked WordPress Website

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