As a business owner, you've probably heard the terms “branding” and “marketing” used interchangeably. While it's true that these two concepts are closely related, they actually refer to two different things. To put it simply, branding is the process of creating and maintaining a certain image for your business, while marketing is the process of promoting your brand and getting people to buy into it.

Investing in both will help you build long-term relationships with customers and encourage them to keep coming back (and maybe even recommend you to their friends). 

Key Takeaways:

  • The purpose of a brand is to separate your product or company from every other product and company.
  • Marketing differs from brand in that brand is who you are, and marketing is how you tell people who you are.
  • Your customers are more likely to purchase from you if they believe that your company truly represents their needs and interests.

If you want to impress your customers with a deeper insight into your company, you need to learn how to master both marketing and branding.

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