There are many common mistakes that people make when they start using WordPress. One of the biggest is to ignore backups. Backing up is a mundane task, but with WordPress, it doesn't have to be done manually. It can be done with plugins or commercial services. Another mistake is ignoring updates. WordPress regularly releases updates that include new features and security patches. Failing to update your WordPress site can leave it vulnerable to hacking and malware. And one overlooked security risk is using with word Admin as their username. Such a common user name has become an easy target for brute force attacks by hackers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep your plugins up-to-date by logging in regularly and looking for updates
  • Backup your website frequently, should anything happen you'll have a restore point to get back online quickly
  • Make it harder to log in to your website by NOT using common words for your login names or passwords.

“Only you can make your WordPress site as powerful or weak as you want. Obviously, we all want to build the most formidable of websites, but unfortunately, this won’t happen by chance – you have to make conscious choices and then go to work.”

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