There are quite a few different security issues as well as vulnerabilities when it comes to WordPress that you should know about. Many businesses are under the false assumption that are too small to be hacked; that's simply not true.

For example, unauthorized logins are typically acheived by a bot using brute force, and if you are using a weak password chances are that it may be guessed. You also want to make sure that your core software is updated as the designs that come with new software are used to address critical security issues within WordPress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber attacks will cost you time, energy and money and they will also hurt your authority and reputation.
  • An unauthorized login is typically done by brute force with the help of a bot from the attacker.
  • The best way to avoid an unauthorized login is to make sure that you have a very strong, complex password.

“While it’s impossible to quantify the number of day-to-day threats your site may face, it’s essential to recognize and understand WordPress-specific issues should you fall victim to one of them.”

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